English Software Review

Englishsoftware.org is a website that aims to help both native and non-native English speakers with cost-effective software applications that provide both the best text correction in English and explanations of your errors so that you will learn from your mistakes. It has applications that will work with most, if not all, of the text-based programs and browsers. These applications are designed to enhance your writing by improving grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Software tools essential for writing that are available from Englishsoftware include Advanced Grammar Checker, Full Text Translation, Latest Writing Templates, Writing Review, Punctuation Checker, Sentence Style Corrector, Spell Checker, Text Enrichment Engine, and The Leading Proofreading Tool. This software are especially useful for anybody involved in the writing profession and those who are required a high amount of writing in their jobs like writers, editors, journalists, secretaries, business executives, and teachers. If you are part of this group, then you should visit their website and watch the demo to determine how important it is for you to write in perfect English.

The software offered in the Englishsoftware website has the following benefits:

  1. Your English writing skills will improve - While using grammar correction software it will be like having a built-in virtual writing teacher in your computer as it teaches you to naturally improve your writing.
  2. Your English speaking skills will improve - The writing software will check the grammar, spelling and, as you are writing, will give you feedback. If you are not a native English speaker but need to clearly communicate in English, then this will provide you with the perfect solution. As the software checks your work while you write, you learn correct English. If you write down a basic idea of what you want to say, the software will check your work for errors, suggest possible correct alternatives and make the necessary correction.
  3. You will be able to write like an expert - As your English writing ability grows with the growing number of grammatically correct material that you produce, your reputation will also be enhanced as well as your ability to effectively communicate.
  4. You will be able to write faster - Grammar correction applications will save you a huge amount of time by automating some otherwise tedious tasks such as rewriting or editing your reports or other written work.
  5. You will be able to write in a more creative and persuasive manner - The grammar correction software will not only correct errors in your work it will also suggest possible alternative words or phrases necessary to have the correct finished product. The software will present you choices that will give you ideas for making your work more creative or persuasive.
  6. You will impress those around you - Your boss, teachers, friends or family will be impressed by how professional your work is. The software will help you achieve your goals by ensuring your message comes across just the way you intend it to. Everyone will be impressed with your perfect essays, content, reviews, letters or even just e-mails.


Englishsoftware.org offers the most complete array of software solutions for the writing community. It has some of the best software solutions for all writing needs that can transform a simple work in English into something sophisticated. With their software, you will be writing better English in a short time, automatically correct grammatical and spelling errors, enrich sentences and phrases, or use the software in proofreading. The community based spell checker is very handy for instantly looking up English words to help you perfect your writing. The site delivers in its mission to make available truly professional and cost effective software solutions as well as being an intuitive and user-friendly site that loads fast as you navigate around it.